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Case Stories

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Getting a Better Garage Door after an Accident

It was a freak accident. Good thing that nobody was injured. My car was wrecked, and so was the garage. There was a terrible storm, and the tree by the sidewalk had some broken branches falling down on my house. It was a big old tree. The branch hit my garage, and the roof caved in. My car was partly damaged. The roof was dented, as well as the rear window. It was smashed and had to be replaced. The garage sustained damage to the roof and the door.

It has been a while since I had the garage door installed. It still had a lot of years in it, but the damage was quite extensive. The insurance covered the car and the repairs. I could commute to work, but it was a big nuisance. There were other trees on my street which were damaged, as well as some houses. It was some sort of lottery; there were those which did not have any damage while others, me included, had quite extensive damage. That's what happens when you live in a tree lined street. The branches fall down and you just wish that your house would be spared. I didn't even know that the tree could reach my house, but it did.

I gave garage door repair Willowbrook a call, and I told them my problem. They took a look at my garage, told me what steps to take before they could install the new garage door. I had already talked to a contractor regarding rebuilding the garage, and I was all set. My insurance broker assured me that the damage was covered by my home insurance.

The garage door was the last to be installed. This was done after the garage was repaired. I got my car back shortly after the garage was repaired and, but not before the garage door was installed. It would have been better if the garage door was replaced first. However, I chose a different model for the garage door. I figured I wanted a better door with more features. It had to be ordered and it took a bit of time to have it delivered and installed. The house aesthetics became a bit skewed, but you would only notice it if you took a good look at the paint job. The garage's fresh paint was a bit brighter than the rest of the house.

The new garage door worked fine. As a newly installed piece of equipment it worked better than the old one. It rolled up more smoothly, it was a lot quieter, and I'm a happy fellow. The whole thing including my car took a little bit off my savings, but getting the car repaired and the garage door replaced was well worth it.

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