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Cleaning Up Your Garage Door System

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Cleaning Up Your Garage Door System

Cleaning Up Garage Door System | Garage Door Repair Willowbrook, IL

Every homeowner knows how important it is to look after their property, but few people appreciate the upkeep that their garage door system needs. While it’s true that you might need some technical knowledge and tools to carry out maintenance on your system, keeping it clean is also a very important task - it requires next to no specialized tools, and can be completed with just an hour or two’s work.

Why Clean Your Door?

House-proud homeowners will likely want their property to look its best, and a clean garage door is an important part of making your home stand out. You won’t notice it building up, but the dirt and dust that sticks to your door will gradually cause it to lose its attractive finish - when this is all cleaned away, your door will have that much more curb appeal. In addition to this, cleaning out the mechanical components and moving parts will likely make a big difference to its operation, and help to extend the door’s service life.

How To Clean Your Door

For most metal or plastic doors, all you need is a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Start from the top and work your way down the door, making sure to apply particular pressure to any areas of built-up grime. You might want to take an old toothbrush out with you to work on difficult areas like hinges. When you’re done, give the door a quick rinse with cold water; this will remove the soapy suds, and allow the door to dry easily.

Cleaning The Door's Mechanism

Now it’s time to clear out the grime and grease from the door’s internal components. Work methodically, part-by-part, using degreaser and a rag to remove any residue left over from old lubricant. Pay special attention to the tracks; build up dirt here can cause the door system and opener to wear faster. You may also wish to take this opportunity to apply lubricant to the parts you’ve just cleaned - if so, ensure you use a silicone or white lithium lubricant.


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